OMNICAP advises CEO who acquires a majority share

CEO Guy Couder takes a majority stake in the identification specialist Phi Data.

Phi Data is a technology company based in Wemmel, specializing in goods identification. The company achieved a turnover of 12.7 million euros in 2017 with 35 employees.

After a long career in this technology company, founded in 1981, he took over the shares of one of the founders at the end of 2017. Couder holds 55% of the shares of Phi Data.

Guy Couder: "I started here as a salesman, but the entrepreneurial ambition has always been there: if you can take control of the company yourself, you can define your own path, and I still have ambitions for Phi Data."

OMNICAP acted as financial advisor to Guy Couder in this transaction.

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