OMNICAP advised the management on the management buy out of Z-Staffing

The management team acquires Z-Staffing from Matty Zadnikar

Since 30 December 2015, Wim Van Cauter and Ilona Stieners own all the shares of Z-Staffing.

The company was launched under the wings of the Z-Group under the leadership of Matty Zadnikar and François Van Bever. At that time it was a strategic choice to invest in flexible labour force that offered support for the core activities of Z-Safety Services. With the final completion of the sale of Z-Safety Services to Total Safety at the end of 2013 the strategic importance of this investment disappeared.

Within the framework of a repositioning and the allocation of management capacity and resources for new plans, Z-Group decided to divest Z-Staffing Belgium and to transfer the company to Wim Van Cauter and Ilona Stieners through a management buy out. In 2015, Z-Group already took the same decision with regard to Z-Staffing Germany.

Wim and Ilona are active as an entrepreneur in the HR-services since 2010 and since mid-2014 they were minority shareholders within Z-Staffing.

"With the acquisition of Z-staffing an important step is taken for the further development and professionalization of the business," says Wim Van Cauter, the new CEO. "It is of the utmost importance that we will deal with the challenges in the area of flexible employment for the future, in a creative and open-minded way. Innovative, hands-on and proactive. In that way, Z-Staffing intends to make the difference in HR-services. It is our ambition to be the reference in the field of staffing solutions where quality, customer satisfaction and excellent results remain our priorities."

Z-Staffing began in 2004 as a project-based employment agency and has now grown into a fully-fledged expert in staffing solutions for both businesses and job seekers. The company has 50 permanent employees and about 400 flex forces and realizes an annual turnover of 20 million euros.

OMNICAP advised Ilona Stieners and Wim Van Cauter on the completion of this management buy out.

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