Siggis joins the NRB group

NRB Group acquires SIGGIS (Spatial Intelligence Genuine & Generic IT Solutions), a company with a yearly turnover of 4,5 million euros and software and consultancy activities in the Enterprise GIS market. It is focused on utilities, public services and the private market.

OMNICAP was the financial and legal advisor of the sellers.

With a consolidated turnover of about €323 million and more than 2.000 collaborators, The NRB Group is one of the major ICT services and solutions providers in Belgium. NRB can provide all the elements of a global ICT solutions covering its whole life cycle. NRB implements and manages the IT infrastructure of its clients, on premise or from its own state-of-the-art data centres located in Herstal and Villers-Le-Bouillet.

NRB also designs architectures, develops, manages and maintains applications (mainframe or open systems). The addition of SIGGIS to the group that already holds Xperthis, Civadis, CEVI/Logins, Afelio and Trasys International will enable NRB to fully cover the GIS and Mapping aspects of IT solutions.

SIGGIS Group and CEVI/Logins share the same choice of technology, share important customers such as the cities of Antwerp and Ghent and the provinces and share the same ICT-challenges. These are exciting opportunities for the two businesses to work together to develop their products and exploit operational synergies.

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